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CONTACT TECHNOLOGY CORP. who had certificated by USB IF, also obtain the Certification Test Identification ( TID ) of USB TYP C connectors

CONTACT TECHNOLOGY CORP. is the qualified manufacturer who haveobtained the several TID of USB TYPE C series , and we also will developother various specifications continuously to satisfy demands not ...
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Understanding of usb4

 What is USB4?The USB standard is ubiquitous throughout the tech world. After all, “USB” is an acronym for “Universal Serial Bus.” The standard has seen its fair share of updates over the 23 years sin...
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USB 3 & USB4 you must know

  With the varieties of USB and Thunderbolt terminology floating about, as well as new versions on the horizon, sorting out the mess can be a problem. Here's what you need to know about USB 3, USB 4, ...
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USB 3.1 TYPE C Connector Introduction

 First of all, USB 3.1 is the standard, and shouldn’t be confused with the shape of the ports in your computer or the cables that plug into it. USB 3.1 devices and computers are able to use both of th...
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TACT SWITCH Introduction

 What is a Tact Switch? A tact switch is an on/off electronic switch that is only on when the button is pressed or if there is a definitive change in pressure. Another way to consider it, as momentary...
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