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TACT SWITCH Introduction


What is a Tact Switch?


A tact switch is an on/off electronic switch that is only on when the button is pressed or if there is a definitive change in pressure. Another way to consider it, as momentary make or brake switch. As soon as a tact switches button is released, the circuit is broken.


 Tact switches for keyboards, keypads, instruments or interface control-panel applications. Tact switches react to user interaction with the button or switch when it makes contact with the control panel beneath. In most cases this is usually a printed circuit board (PCB).


 Types of Tact Switches


There are many different kinds of electronic Tact Switches and at Future Electronics we offer you a wide variety to select from. Some of the types of electric Tact Switches available include:


‧Standard Types


‧Illuminated Types


‧Sealed Types


‧Key Tops


‧Surface Mount Types


You will find a comprehensive selection of electronic tact switches at Future Electronics. Our offering includes a range of sizes and styles of tact switches. Use our parametric filters to refine your tact switch search on our website. You can select by size, by operating force, by stem style, by terminal style, and by contact material.


 Tact Switch Applications


Typical Tact Switch applications include: Low power, miniature devices, digital switching, anything where operator feedback is required (a switch confirmation coming from the switch being depressed) will find that the perfect choice is a Tact switch.