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[ Quality Target ] Continued for improvement,Braved challenge,Thinking innovation,Hold to promise Quality is our consistent promise; we continue the mission,vision and philosophy drawn up by the company since its founding. We implement quality policy in company』s culture.We value every cuctomer』s demand and customer satisfied is our target.
[ Environmental Safety Policy ] 1. Obey environmental regulation.
2. Develop Green product and no pollution production process.
3. Offer a health and safety working place.
[ HSF Policy ] By systematize management, our product and production can meet 「non-hazardous substances 」standard.We improve manage achievement continuity to custiomer』s satisfaction and meet related rules demand.
[ Inspection Equipment ]
FPC Connector Supplier Detector Switch SupplierRoHS Laboratory
Slide Switch Supplier HDMI Connector Supplier TaiwanLife Cycles Test
Phone Jack SupplierLife Cycles Test
Semi-Auto Force Analyzer
USB Connectors ManufacturerSemi-Auto Force Analyzer
Detector Switch SupplierSemi-Auto Force Analyzer
HDMI Connector Supplier TaiwanCCD & Electricity Tester
DC Power ConnectorsSpalling Force Tester
Type C Connector ManufacturerConstant Temperature
& Humidity Machine
Waterproof Micro USB ConnectorIR-Reflow Machine
Tactile Switches ManufacturerX-Ray
FPC Connector SupplierSalt Spray Tester
Micro SD Card ConnectorConstant Temperature
& Humidity Machine
Micro USB Connector ManufacturerHigh Temperature Trial Machine
Slide Switch SupplierThickness Tester
Detector Switch Supplier Tactile Switches Manufacturer Slide Switch SupplierElectronic Test
Micro USB Connector Manufacturer DC Power Connectors USB Connectors Manufacturer2.5D Projector
Type C Connector Manufacturer FPC Connector Supplier Phone Jack SupplierMicroscope
Waterproof Micro USB Connector HDMI Connector Supplier Taiwan Micro SD Card ConnectorRuiko Force Gauge
USB Connectors ManufacturerAltitude Gage
Waterproof Micro USB ConnectorAltitude Gage
Slide Switch SupplierSteam Aging Trial Machine

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